Ferry Range


Cruise Speed


Hopper Capacity (Dry)


Takeoff Distance

Built to handle it all

Imagine an aircraft that has set the ag industry standard for tough dependability and you’ve got the Thrush 550P. It offers you a 29,000-hour wing spar life and a 550-gallon clear-view hopper. No wonder this aircraft is renowned for its solidly rugged construction and revered for its simplified systems and worry-free maintenance.

Now add the fact that its wide-stance spring landing gear is capable of absorbing 8,800 pounds on short, rough strips and its optional spring steel landing gear can be added to increase weight for take offs and landings, and you can pretty much check off whatever’s on your “to do” list.

Unmatched stability and control

Wire strike protection is standard

365 square feet of wing area

Powder-coated airframe

29,000-hour wing spar life

Rugged 18ft long stainless steel belly skins

Chromate chemical conversion on each aluminum part

Stainless steel cam locks, studs and grommets

Premium purchases parts


32 feet 4 inches (10.16 meters)
10 feet (3.05 meters)
47 feet 6 inches (14.47 meters)
Tread Width
9 feet 4 inches (14.47 meters)
Fuel Capacity
228 gallons (863 liters)
Empty Weight
5,400 pounds (2,450 kilograms)
Typical Operating Weight
10,500 pounds (4,763 kilograms)
Hopper Capacity Dry
74 cubic feet (2.10 cubic meters)
Hopper Capacity Liquid
550 gallons (2,082 liters)
Working Speeds
90-150 mph (145-241 kph)
Stall Speed Flaps/No Flaps
84/88 mph (135/142 kph)
220 mph (355 kph)
Sea Level Rate of Climb at 10,500 lbs
750 fpm (229 mpm)
Take-Off Distance at 10,500 lbs
1,077 feet (328 meters)
Landing Distance as Usually Landed
600 feet (182.8 meters)
Landing Distance as Usually w/Reverse
400 feet (121.9 meters)
Fuel Consumption
65-70 gph (246-265 lph)
Cruising Speed at 55% Power
150 mph (241 kph)
Ferry Range at 55% power and 150 mph at 7,500 feet
648 miles (1,043 kilometers)

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